If applet isn't working, download the latest Java version.

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Tip: if you experience out of memory errors, you can increase the memory used by the photo tool.
  • Windows: go to windows configuration window and search for the Java Control Panel. Click in the control panel on Java and then click on the view button
    for Java applet runtime settings and fill in for example: -Xmx128M (is for 128 MB) at Java Runtime Parameters (search for the most recent java version).
  • Mac: For Java 1.4 or lower, go to /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java 1.X.X Plugin Setting, for java 1.5 or higher go to /Applications/Utilities/Java/J2SE 5.0/Java Preferences
    and change in the Java Applet Runtime Parameters field the amount of memory you want to use, i.e. -Xmx128M for 128MB.