With this online photo editor, you can edit your photos online and save or email them.

Open photos
You can use photos and images from your harddrive as well as pictures on the Internet. Click on 'File' and 'Open'. Use URL for an image on the Internet or 'Browse' to select a photo from your harddrive.

Save your image/photo
There are some options for saving your edited photos/images:
  • You can save it online on, click on 'File' and 'Save online'. You can even save all open tabs with photos. Click on 'File' and 'Save all'.
  • You can save edited photos back on your own harddrive, Click on 'File' and 'Save on disk'.
  • You can email the image to somebody. Fill in the recipients email address at 'Properties' and click on 'File' and 'Send email'.

Screenshot can be used for saving screenshots as well. First make an screenshot: <alt><Print Screen>. Click on 'File', 'New' and 'Ok'. Then click on 'Edit' and 'Paste'.

Resize and crop
It is very easy to resize or crop your photos'. For resize click on 'Image' and 'Image size'. To crop, first select the part of an image you want to crop to and click then on 'Image' and 'Crop'.

Rotate and Flip
To rotate and/or flip images and photos, click on 'Image' and 'Rotate'. If you want to straighten the horizon for example, use 'Rotate %'.

Paint tools has some simple paint tools added as well. You can draw lines, circles and rectangles on your photos and images and also add text. This can be done with the tools on the left part of the photo tool.

Next to the basic photo editing tools, there are some advanced possibilities as well:
  • You can adjust levels, color balance, sharpen, determine saturation and contrast. This can be done via 'Image' and 'Adjustments'.
  • There are several standard filters, ie for black and white and sepio, use 'Filter' to see them all. Tip: you can use a filter on a part of a photo as well, first select the part of the image and then the desired filter.
  • You can undo and redo your actions.
  • You also can change the canvas of an image (The size of an image without resizing it). Choose 'Image' and 'Canvas' in the top menu.

We also have developed a import bookmarklet. With this you can import images into the phototool directly from every webpage on the Internet. If you have installed the bookmarklet as a bookmark, you can start it by selecting the bookmark on the webpage where you found the image you want to edit.

Questions? Contact us.